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What is SoundPanel?

A Community Platform.

 Built for the Music Industry.


This is Our Story

Built for the music industry.

There is nothing like finding that perfect tech tool or app. We've built a community to ensure your new favourite tool for your music business is only a tap away. Start discovering now..

Tool Discovery.

Tried and tested.

 Find the most used, new and greatest tech tools used by professionals in the music industry, and pick out your next favourite tool.

Supportive Community.

Better, together.

 The journey can feel lonely unless you share. Our community is a sounding board for feedback and helping show new ways to grow in the music industry.


Learning is key.

 Self-directed learning guided by experts. Read, view and listen to the community and share your own success stories, and improve with other like-minded people.

Why we're here.

Before the pandemic hit in 2019-2020, the music industry events consisted of panelists devoted to share insights into a focused area, and individuals who wanted to gain insight could ask questions, and network after the events. Now, the medium has changed, remote work has made streamed podcasts, virtual concerts, zoom meetings more popular, SoundPanel has emerged to connect the music industry professionals working remotely in these disruptive times, where technology is the main driving resource in the music industry. .

Making History

We're just getting started.

Launched Invite-only
July 2020
Inviting some of the most innovative and influential people and companies in the music industry to be founding members, share their knowledge, tools and expertise. 
Open Community 
Inviting members signed up to the waitlist to begin networking and benefit from the SoundPanel community. 
Launch Power-ups
More specifics to come soon, as our platform continues to grow.
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